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Fog Security is the ideal anti-Burglary/ Robbery system. In seconds the Robber or burglar is blinded and confused, cannot see and will retreat immediately as they don't want to get caught in the fog. The non-violent but explosive action will create a barrier between staff, goods and offenders. The dense white fog is of course breath-able and harmless to humans, animals, electronics and fixtures.

PROTECTION WITH PROTECT FOG CANNONTM fog machine, for your Peace of Mind with up to FIVE YEARS Factory Warranty. it will not leave any residue and is fully tested worldwide.


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Our Protect Fog Cannon® fog machine units have many features in common and many unique advantages.

With a range of over six Protect Fog Cannon® fog machine units in our product program, we have made it simple to choose and install the correct fog machine.

We are very proud that the Protect Fog Cannon® fog machine has been selected by the NZ POLICE for their Anti-Robbery-Initiative to protect vulnerable small retail shops, in particular your local Dairy owners, from robberies and potential harm.

Petrol companies like Z-Energy, BP, Mobil, Caltex, Gull, Challenge, and many independently owned shops have been fitted with our most versatile Protect Fog Cannon® fog machine units.

We provide professional training to our installation companies, thus ensuring the very highest quality of installations to our end users.

Protect Fog Cannon® fog machine is the preferred fog machine by alarm installation companies and contractors throughout New Zealand. 

Protect Fog Cannon® are the market leaders with over 100,000 units installed worldwide. 

Protect Fog Cannon® fog machine - Unique product features

  • One of the most powerful fog machines on the market that can generate dry fog for one minute at full speed up to 2700m3 in 60seconds.

  • Up to 12 min. of fog during one activation, Pulse function to maintain the fog density and to make the fog last longer after the first discharge.

  • Denser, whiter and drier fog: XTRA+ is a dry, completely white fog that has the market's longest dispersion time of up to one hour

  • Enough fluid for many discharges. Can be discharged again and again.

  • Long battery backup time if the burglar cuts power. Built-in daily, automatic battery test. Long cost-effective battery life.

  • Internal/external status indicator. LED and display. Quickly indicates the status of the Protect Fog Cannon® fog machine.

  • No noisy fan! Anti-sabotage steel cabinet reduces vandalism to the machine.

  • Latest technology IP cards for internet monitoring or even remote access,

  • very sophisticated FREE PROTECT IntelliCloud(TM) Service Reporting System.

  • Compatible with all security alarm systems or fully standalone operation.

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